Moyogalpa is a municipality in the Rivas department of Nicaragua that is most notable as the gateway port for Ometepe Island. It is also the largest village on Ometepe Island. Moyogalpa is just a bit over an hour ferry ride ride from San Jorge, and is located on the west side of volcano ConcepciĆ³n.

From the port, Moyogalpa’s main street runs uphill to a small church where it meets the circular road which circles around the island. The ConcepciĆ³n looms over Moyogalpa and provides a dramatic and always changing backdrop to the village scenery.

book now button smallFor the purposes of Experience Nica Tours, Moyogalpa is only the starting point for our time on Ometepe Island because it is the port town we land at. If our schedule permits though, we’ll spend some time in town to have a look around, maybe eat a meal or socialize at one of the local bars.

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