Mercardo de Artesanias

The Masaya Artisan Market is among the best in Nicaragua, showcasing the high quality crafts such as pottery, hammocks, local hand crafts, traditional Nicaraguan clothing, woodwork and carvings, paintings, locally manufactured music instruments, and jewellery.

book now button smallThe Masaya Artisan Market is housed in a black basalt, Gothic structure with a Spanish fortress motif that includes turrets, towers and over-sized gates. The building dates from 1888. Despite a major fire in 1966, this building was used as a regular market until 1978, when Somoza’s Guardia Nacional all but levelled it. It was restored and today is a one stop shopping for Nicaraguan crafts of all kinds and is a popular stop on organized tours. One of the aspects tourists love this market is because there is less hustle and bustle.

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