Gitarras Zepeda

Guitarras ZepedaThe town of Masaya is well known throughout Central America for its arts and crafts. Among the most renowned craftsmen in Masaya are José Humberto Zepeda and his father, José Santos Zepeda. Both have worked as luthiers (guitar makers) for a long time. The guitar plays a key role in Nicaraguan music, and among Nicaraguan guitar makers, the name Zepeda is stands out.

The family business, known simply as Guitarras Zepeda, has 5 employees who collectively build about twenty guitars, mandolins, guitarrillas, ukuleles and other string instruments each month. The firm also offers repair and upgrade services.

book now button smallZepeda sells mostly to the local market, and has some of the best known Nicaraguan musicians as clients, such as Andrés Sanchéz, Richard Robert Loza Silva, Eduardo Araica, Julio Vasquez, among others. However, Zepeda products also have buyers from the USA and other parts of the world. Zepeda instruments are not found in local music stores, so everyone seeking one of these quality, and built guitars is welcome to visit the company’s traditional workspace. While we’re in Masaya, the Experience Nica Tours group will visit to see how traditional Nicaraguan sting instruments are made.

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