Mombacho Volcano

Mombacho Volcano is a 1344 meters high stratovolcano located near the city of Granada. The volcano is situated within the Mombacho Volcano Nature Reserve, one of 78 protected areas of Nicaragua.

Mombacho Volcano is not an extinct volcano but is considered dormant. The last eruption occurred in 1570 and there is no historical knowledge of any earlier eruptions. The volcano is now totally covered with vegetation and a rich ecosystem of 50 species of mammals, 174 species of birds, 30 of reptiles and 750 species of flora flourishes on its slopes.

You can reach the top of the volcano by foot or with a special tracked vehicles with double traction. A scientific laboratory, a small museum and a restaurant have been built on it’s peak. There are three very well marked trails which circle the main crater. Sound is amplified by the crater, making the calls of birds and monkeys clear and loud.

Along the trails there are round holes from which stream is released. Visitors will also find “mirador” to stop at for a break and enjoy views of Cocibolca Lake (Lake Nicaragua), Laguna de Apoyo and the city of Granada. The highest area of the volcano are where cloud forest and dwarf forest thrive. The flora and fauna endemic found in these forests are unique to the volcano.

book now button smallOn the escarpments of the volcano is where the Canopy tour, or zip lining attraction is located.

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