CatarinaCatarina is one of the 8 Los Blancos Pueblos, or White Towns. The other White Towns are Nindiri, San Juan de Oriente, San Marcos, Niquinohomo, Masatepe, Diria and Diriomo. The name relates to the traditional whitewash that is used to paint the houses.

Catarina is small and quiet, and it has a cool climate because of the slightly higher elevation and a constant breeze. Located at the entrance to the city center is the Villa de ArtesanĂ­as with its collection of shops. At the city’s center is the colonial, Catarina Church and Central Park, around which are nurseries, ceramic shops, and a view point known as the Mirador de Catarina, which offers breathtaking views of the Apoyo Lagoon, Lake Nicagua and the city of Granada. The forest on the slopes of the crater on down to the shores of the Apoyo Lagoon Natural Reserve are spectacular and well worth checking out if time permits.

book now button smallCatarina is the perfect place to stop for some sightseeing, photos and lunch before driving to the ferry docks at San Jorge, where we’ll sail to Ometepe Island.

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